Low Cost, Mushroom & Pepperoni Pizza

1/2 of thin crust pizza ($1, Big Lots)
1/4 cup of pizza sauce ($1, Big Lots)
2 1/2 oz Mozzerella Cheese ($1.79, Aldi)
9 pieces turkey pepperoni ($2, Aldi)
8 white mushrooms, sliced ($1, Aldi)
Tsp of olive oil
1/2 cup of chopped onion
1/8 cup of chopped bell pepper
Cornmeal for dusting

Set a pizza stone in the oven while it preheats.  Sauté sliced mushrooms, chopped onions and chopped bell pepper until caramelized. Season to taste. Meanwhile rub olive oil on top of crust, then spread on the pizza sauce. Once vegetables are done spread them evenly over sauce. Top with 3/4 mozzarella cheese, then pepperoni then the remaining mozzarella. Sprinkle cornmeal on pizza stone, before adding the pizza and bake at 400 degrees for 14 minutes.

Roughly 650 calories, serves 1.

The other half in the background is my husband's white chicken pizza.


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